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The Discrete Sine Transform (DST) is almost similar to DFT technique;the only difference is that it uses a genuinereal matrix. A part of Fourier-related transform, it is similar to the imaginary parts of twice the length of DFT that function on real data having odd symmetry. DST functions at a finite number of discrete points.

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An extended idea:

The DST is linear and expresses a signal in terms of a total of sinusoids, having various frequencies and amplitudes. The factor that distinguishes discrete fourier transform and discrete sine transform is that while the first one uses only sine functions, the latter uses both sines and cosines functions. There is, however, a deeper dissimilarity between the two that are explained in discrete sine transform homework help.

Since, DST functions on finite domain, there are two features that don’t apply on continuous sine transform:

  • It has to be specified clearly whetherthe function at the two boundaries of the domain is odd or even.
  • Next, at what point the function is odd or even, is to be specifically mentioned.

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