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Why it is so important in finance?

It is very important because discounted cash flow or DCF is actually a method of valuation in order to estimate the attractiveness of any given investment opportunity. The analysis of discounted cash flow is used to represent the NPV (net present value) of estimated cash flows available to all providers of capital.

DCF valuation method is eventually based on the principle which shows that the value of any given asset of any business is inherently based on its ability to generate cash flows for the providers of capital.

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Major components of DCF

There are three majorcomponents of discounted cash flow, and they are:

  • Terminal Value (TV): This is the value which is generally the value at the end of the free cash flow estimation period.
  • Free cash flow (FCF): With this component cash generated by the assets of the business is available for distribution to all providers of capital. It is also referred as unleveraged free cash flow.
  • Discount rate: This rate is actually used to discount estimated terminal value and FCFs to their present values.

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Benefits of discounted cash flow

  • The method is mainly focussed on cash flow generation, and it is less affected by accounting assumptions and practices.
  • DCF is always forward looking method, and it also depends on more on the future expectations rather than the historical outcomes.
  • Through the analysis of DCF different mechanisms of a business is valued separately.
  • Evidently it is the most sound and effective method of valuation.

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