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What is Diode?
A diode is a device capped with two terminals and facilitates the process of current flow in only one direction. This special electronic component comprising of two electrodes namely anode and cathode are usually made of semiconductor materials such as germanium, selenium and silicon. If you want to know the various other terminologies, get properly assisted with other related subjects on physics, My Homework Help can be your best friend offering Diode Homework Help and more.

How Diodes work and how important it is?
The diode gets into the functional mode when a voltage signal is put into act across its terminals. DC voltage is applied so that diode comes into the operating mode in a circuit and this process is called ‘Biasing’. A diode can also be regarded as a one way switch which can be found in two states- namely conduction or non-conduction. It is very crucial to know about the ‘ON’ state of a diode. This process is also termed as ‘Forward biasing’. In this process, positive or higher potential is put for effective effect to the anode while negative or lower potential is applied at the cathode of the diode. When understanding the ‘ON’ state of diode, it can be understood that applied current is flowing in the same direction of the arrow head. The opposite things happen in case of the “OFF mode.”

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