Difference Between Mitosis and Meiosis

Difference Between Mitosis and Meiosis

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The biological process for synthesis of new offspring of like kind is known as reproduction or breeding. This again takes place in numerous ways including sexual and asexual type of reproduction. The further classification contains categories like meiosis and mitosis. These two sub divisions are multilayered processes for which further multifaceted processes takes place. Due to the various levels of complexities, a student often gets confused between the two processes. Hence, they often face difficulty in finding out the difference between mitosis and meiosis.

What is mitosis and meiosis?

Mitosis is also known as equational division. In this process the chromosome of parent cell is separated equally into two daughter cells. It can be seen in both plant cell as well as animal cell.

Mitosis is further subdivided into five phases-

  1. Interphase

Extension of microtubules from thecentrosomes

  1. Prophase

The mitotic spindle shifts to opposite poles of a cell and during this they extend across the cell.

  1. Metaphase

Sister Chromatids gets attached to each of mitotic spindle fibers.

  1. Anaphase

The mitotic spindle makes apart both sister chromatids to opposite poles.

  1. Telophase

Cytokines is process takes place, in which two separate cells are formed from one single cell by pinching it in middle.

Meiosis is another process that is also known as reduction division. This process involves the division of one diploid cell that divides into haploid cells. This process generally takes place in more advanced type of cell that is in case of eukaryotes. It is further subdivided in to two groups that again have various divisions.

The two broad divisions of meiosis are-

  1. Meiosis I-

It has various levels such as, Metaphase I, prophase I, Interphase, Anaphase I Telophase I and cytokines is. The processes includes extension of microtubules from centrosomes then spreading of meiotic spindle across the cell after that attachment of meiotic spindle fibers to single chromosome of each pair then setting apart of chromosome pairs and lastly formation of two separate daughter cells from a single parent cell.

  1. Meiosis II-

It again has various steps in process like Metaphase II,Prophase II, Telophase II,Anaphase II and cytokinesis. The steps includes the formation of new meiotic spindle, attachment of spindle fibers to sister chromatids, generation of individual chromosomes and lastly separation of parent cell into newly developed parent cell.

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