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The subject of Lease and Hire Purchase is a complicated subject as both of these subjects are different from each other yet similar in some cases. Thus, many students end up getting confused and fluster and, as a result, their assignment or homework suffers and thus in the end their grades are not up to the mark. Keeping in mind the importance of these two subjects in the field of finance, we at have come up with Difference between Lease and Hire Purchase Assignment Help team. Along with clearing all doubts which you have regarding this subject, this team is also instructed to do your assignment or homework which will be related to this subject.

Difference between Lease and Hire Purchase
Before discussing how we and our team can help you out with your assignment and homework, let us first discuss about this very topic. The main differences in which most students have difficulties with are as follows:

1. Asset’s Ownership – In case of Lease, it is the lessor who will have the ownership whereas the lessee will have the right to use, say equipment, but cannot purchase this equipment in question. But in case of a scenario involving hire purchase, the hirer will only be the owner only after paying all the instalments fully. In maximum cases with the payment of the very last instalment, the hirer gains ownership.

2. In case of Depreciation – The lessee is not responsible for paying any kind of depreciation but in case of hire purchase, the hirer will be paying for depreciation on the equipment or any other asset he or she has purchased.
Besides this, there are many such differences which a student will learn about while dealing with these two subjects. This Difference between Lease and Hire Purchase Assignment Help team of ours are well informed about the many differences and thus can provide a brilliant help. There cannot be an assignment or homework which this team of ours cannot solve. Get the best possible help from us and witness how quickly your grades are improving.

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