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There are definite topics that are quite brain storming. These topics overlap each other. Accountancy and book keeping are two such subject matters.  Accountancy also referred to as accounting involves the announcement of financial information about a commercial to shareholders and managers. Book keeping on the other hand is just a part of accounting. It is the proper recording of financial transactions in business. And for other troubles you have Difference between Book keeping and Accountancy Homework Help of myhomeworkhelp.com.

Students pursuing degree in commerce can channelize their field and make every effort to become either an accountant or a book keeper. For any sort of assistance you shall have our expert help. Our door is 24×7 open for you.

At college and even at the university the students shall be subjected to problems that involve preparation of income statement, and balance sheet. These are prepared using trial balance and ledgers. At myhomeworkhelp.com you can submit your Difference between Book keeping and Accountancy Assignment Help and sit back relaxed, for the subsequent task are our duty.

A demarcation between book keeping and accounting

As we had hinted earlier too, if accountancy is a super set then book keeping is a subset. There are various methods that fall under the head of accountancy, book keeping being one of them. It is primarily the initial process of recording the financial statements. This recoding has to be done between certain intervals of time.

Book keeping plays a vital role in our day to day life. Cash book, bank pass book, purchase book and sales book are but a few instances to cite the same. But in your institute the scenario might not be this simple. In such cases you have Difference between Book keeping and Accountancy Assignment Help from our expert team of professionals.

Get your basic concepts clear

To get a clear picture of the job of an accountant, the students must ensure that they have a strong foundation about the theories and the equations. They should commit to memory the golden rules and the definitions of debit, credit, assets and liabilities. For further details and Difference between Book keeping and Accountancy Homework Help, you visit myhomeworkhelp.com without fail. You can rely upon the traditional methods in certain cases, and in others you should opt for electronic system.

In the following we shall view a snapshot of the entry systems, the details of which can be obtained through Difference between Book keeping and Accountancy Assignment Help:

1)    Single Entry System-like the checking account, cash book being an instance.
2)    Double Entry System-it engulfs a set of rules to adhere to for recoding financial transactions.

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