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Here, you will come to know some important information about the subject.

What is DIAC?

DIAC is a bi-directional or full-wave semiconductor that can be used in both directions such as— forward and reverse polarities. The name DIAC has been derived from the words Diode Alternating Current. This device is widely used in triggering TRIAC, which is mainly used in AC switches. Basically, DIAC is used in dimmer applications or starter circuit for fluorescent lamps.

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What is the application of DIAC?

Basically DIAC is placed in a series with the gate of a TRIAC. DIAC and TRIAC do not fire symmetrically, and this is the reason that DIAC are used in conjunction with TRIAC. The less the device symmetrically fires, the greater will be the level of harmonics. Therefore, using ahigh level of harmonic in a power system is completely undesirable if you are using DIAC.

The device helps making the switch halves of the cycle and therefore, the switching characteristics of DIAC is a bit different from TRIAC. Since DIAC prevents a gate from current flowing until the voltage trigger reaches a particular level, this makes the firing point of TRIAC in both directions.

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