Learn from Our Experts the Steps of Estimating Fixed Overhead Rates

Fixed overhead rates is an important part of standard costing. An accountant needs to be very careful while estimating this rate otherwise it will affect the standard costing of a company. The students who are pursuing their degree in accountancy receive many case studies to solve.

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What is fixed overhead rate?

At every production unit, there are some types of costs which remain constant for a certain period of time even there are operational changes. Accountants need to consider these costs while estimating standard costing for the sake of business.

Such cost is known as fixed manufacturing overhead cost. Various examples of such costs are property tax, depreciation of machinery, office expenditure, and rent. Moreover, salaries of supervisors and production managers also come under such costs.

Assigning the costs to standard costing

Our faculty members who provide developing budgeted fixed overhead rates homework help teach the skill of allocating fixed costs to standard costing. A simple and easy way of assigning the cost is to base it on some things. These things include direct labor, operational hours of machinery, or pounds of direct material.

When we provide developing budgeted fixed overhead rates homework help, we tell our students not to assume that they cannot change such costs. Managers can minimize such costs by selling equipment or by laying off employees. Even though they can reduce these costs, they are fixed because, unlike variable costs, fixed costs do not increase or decrease automatically with the level of activity within the relevant range.

4steps for allocating fixed overhead costs to products:

  1. Allocate all factory fixed overhead expenditures incurred in a given period to the pool of cost.
  2. Apply the overhead to products on the basis of a derived allocating process.
  3. The entire cost pool should be divided by the overall units of the basis of allocation used in the period.
  4. The overhead in the cost pool should be applied to products at a standard allocation rate.

There are two important entities we need to consider for providing developing budgeted fixed overhead rates assignment help

  • Fixed manufacturing overhead budget variance
  • Fixed manufacturing overhead volume variance

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