Determining a Competitive Frame of Reference Homework Help

Here’s How You Choose the Right Frame of Reference for Your Company

Competitive Frame of Reference helps in providing the context for Brand Positioning. It is a way to choose a context or a market that helps in selecting the Brand position. In order to start the process of marketing it is essential to create a Frame of Reference. It is this Frame of Reference that helps your consumers differentiate your products or services from products or services of your competitors.

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Choosing the right Frame of Reference for your Company

The best time for deciding Frame of Reference for a particular brand is at the time of its launch. Here are a few steps given below that will help you in doing this:

  • It is always advisable to choose a Frame of Reference that will reduce your competitor numbers. In order to do this you have to first narrow down your focus and try not to compete with established companies.
  • Choosing technology as a Frame of Reference is definitely not a good idea. This is because technology will become obsolete sooner or later. Perfect example for this is photography.

People tend to associate Kodak with film photography and in spite of Kodak being the first brand to launch digital camera for the first time in the year 1975; it could never escape its association with film photography.

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You can either have a Frame of Reference that is shallow and broad or have a Frame of reference that is narrow and deep. Shallow and the broad Frame of Reference focusses mainly on short term benefits that a company offers and narrow and the deep Frame of Reference focusses on benefits that are more extensive.

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