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Designing and managing services is an important domain for those business enterprises who are dealing in the segment of rendering services. The academic streams like business management and marketing very well cover these topics. If you are having any confusion in these concepts then you must grab Designing and Managing Services Homework Help on time.

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Highlights of the topic Designing and Managing Services

A service is usually an intangible activity that is performed by one party and rendered to another party. So there is no physical product involved in this case. But sometimes services can be purely 100% service oriented only and sometimes products may also be accompanied with certain services.

For example customer care is a complete service domain where no tangible product is involved but the queries of customers are resolved. Similarly spas, salons etc are also completely service oriented. In some segments like when you a buy a product like car you get an offer like free servicing or repairs for 1 year, then it is a case of product combined with services. This topic is intricate to comprehend on your own and that’s why you will need Designing and Managing Services Homework Help.

Things taken into account while designing services

There are various aspects that are to be kept in mind while designing the services and some of them are highlighted as follows-

  • The services are usually designed keeping in mind what the customer actually wants from a particular service.
  • Quality of the services is the main aspect while designing them.
  • It is a very crucial aspect to keep price of services under control while planning their design.
  • The services should offer some level of utility and in the eyes of customers its value should be more than its cost, then only he will opt to avail it.

Things taken into account while managing services

While managing services some crucial areas are as follows-

  • It is absolutely essential to see that whether customers are satisfied with the services or not.
  • For managing services it is essential to obtain feedback from customers so that loopholes can be determined.
  • Managing services requires establishment of proper service centers and ensuring time to time inspection.
  • Correcting the flaws in current services is also an important step to increase value and level of trust.

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