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A derivative can be defined as a financial contract or a financial instrument that obtains its value or worth from underlying assets, properties or stocks. Derivatives are frequently used for stocks or goods like oil, gold, or gasoline. Another class of assets is currencies. Certain derivatives are based on bonds or stocks.

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Elaborating Derivative for better understanding

A derivative or a financial derivative can also be described as a contract between two parties that involve financial assets as security, or a set of assets. In general, apart from commodities and bonds other classes of assets are market indexes, interest rates, stocks etc.

Some other derivatives include-

  • Forward contract
  • Futures contract
  • Options
  • Warrants
  • Swaps

The futures contract is named so owing to the fact that their value is dependent on the underlying financial contract. Likewise, stock options can also be termed as a derivative since its worth is resultant from the underlying stocks.

The types of derivatives are vast and form a major basis or Derivatives Assignment Solutions. To be able to construct well-constituted answers and essays on this topic students must have an in-depth idea of the categories of derivatives and their applications.

Applications of derivatives in short

With the change in the parties involved or participating in the financial contract allocation, the definition of derivatives changes and thus gives an extremely complex dimension to this subject matter. Although the concepts of derivative are quite difficult to muster, they are one of the most scoring zones in assessments. Students must avoid omitting this topic while preparing for the finals.

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Derivative mostly belongs to the sphere of technical or advanced investment. It is extensively employed for hedging and speculating purposes. Speculators derive advantages from this form of investment as they seek to make a profit from the altering value of the underlying assets, security, or index.

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Major types of Financial Derivatives

  • Swap

Swapping is a form of financial derivative that mostly leads to a mutual profit of the two partners linked in a financial contract. It involves exchanging or swapping an asset or stock for another commodity of a similar nature. Credit default swaps are one of the famous types of swapping.

  • Forwards

Forwards are a kind of over-the-counter derivative. This involves an agreement to sell a commodity or property at a mutually decided price at a fixed date in the future. This form of financial derivative is recruited to hedge interest rates, equities, exchange rates, etc.

  • Futures contract

Futures contract can be designated as one of the major influential derivatives. Commodities future is the frequently used derivative belonging to this category.

Here is just a brief glimpse of the main types of financial derivatives. They constitute a major portion of the derivatives coursework and play a significant role in preparing Derivatives Assignment Solutions. Students must refer to textbooks and gather as much assistance as possible to firmly grasp this topic.

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