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Decisions and performance evaluation

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Decisions Evaluation

Any faulty decision may put a company in loss or even out of business. Therefore, to make better choices it is important to opt for tools for decision evaluation.

These tools are planned in order to organize and direct the thought procedure so that organizing decision becomes easier. It also provides the account of options that are available at the period and why that decision was made.

As a record of thought procedure, it can help in evaluating consequences of the decision.

Set goals

Before making use of the tool for decision-making, it is important and helpful to set the goals and objectives. These goals may include the increasing efficiency, costs, performances etc

S.W.O.T Analysis

Calculating potential of the decision by applying the SWOT analsyis is the ideal way. This facilitates you to evaluate strength, weakness, opportunities and threats that are available and affects the functions of the business.

Decision tree analysis

This analysis method of reaching a decision with the help of a map that calculates the consequences possible.

Cost and benefit analysis

This analysis involves a comprehensive study of costs of all types relative to the probable benefits.

Expert analysis

Some important decisions need additional care. Thus, an expert can be the one to advise the alternative and consequences to facilitate better decisions.

Performance Evaluation

After making the decision, it is significant for you to evaluate the performances and observe whether the operations are in place. This will help you to know that if the decision made is well applied or not.

The following are main elements that help to evaluate the performances-

  • Sales growth
  • Net profit
  • Expenses reduction
  • Production evaluation

These elements facilitate knowledge of performance of the functions of the business.

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