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Decision Tree Assignment Answers

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People always aim at better achievement in an easy way in every aspect of life. Hence, they want to get everything in a better form than the previous one without paying much effort, so that life becomes more comfortable, easy and enjoyable. For betterment of life they need to take lots of decision in different sectors though out their life and on this way several options come across.

It is not easy always to choose the right one amongst many options. There are always possibilities of making mistakes. Decision tree is a systematic model containing several options of predictive choices. ย It is based on algorithm or flow chart which leads to the best option of choice.ย  It is used in different field including educational field too to take the right option for the best result.

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Bit more

This type of model helps to select most prefect choice on the basis of some variables that are targeted. And on this basis process are categorized into two distinct parts. They are โ€“

  • Variable of specific categorical target
  • Variable of continuous target.

It can be drawn through some diagrams and symbolsย ย  those are termed as

  • Node

It refers the actual issue, what decision to be taken. ย At the beginning, before any splitting, it is termed as root -node.ย  When root -node is divided further, those divided parts are termed as sub-nodes. Decision – nodes are made when sub- nodes are split further. The point where problems get solved and no further splitting is required that point is termed as terminal node.

  • Branches

These indicate the possibilities of several outcomes.

This tree type learning is taken as a best way of learning. A proper and truthful lesson on this subject topic can help you to become a skilled expert for selecting the right one from several predictive options. For exploring your knowledge about this subject topic you must consult the most effective Decision Tree assignment answers from


  • As it is a non-parametric process so easy to understand and access.
  • Do not need to have lots of data collection.
  • It helps to identify most relevant and significant variables swiftly.
  • It is applicable for both numerical variables and categorical variables.


It is a very easy process but you need to have basic knowledge of R and Python to cope-up this method. More over the practical problems of over fitting and handling data from several branches continuously is really challenging. Special skill is require for overcoming these difficulties and for this you have to consult our Decision Tree homework answers.

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