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In the modern business world, the importance of advertising is unquestionable. The common people are well aware of the concept and importance of advertising, as it is because of advertising that they learn about different new products and services and decide on buying those products and availing those services. Whenever any new product or service in launched, the target consumers are made aware of the product or service with the help of advertising.

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Defining Advertising

Advertising is a form of communication, which is used to spread a non-personal message about products, services, or various issues among the public. Advertising is a tool of marketing communication, and it can be in audio, visual, or both audio-visual form.

It helps in promoting products and services and attracting consumers and thereby, helps businesses maximizing profit. But, advertising is not used for business or profit-making motive only; it is also used in spreading various important social messages and awareness.

Advertising as a topic for assignment

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Why companies take the decision to advertise their products and services?

The companies take the decision to advertise their products or services mainly with the motive to spread awareness and to make their brand popular among the public. Advertising is the most effective way of making a brand known to the consumers. But, while taking the decision to advertise a product or service, it is important to choose a suitable medium of advertisement. There are various mediums of advertisement- printed mediums like newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, billboards, etc., audio medium like radio, and audio-visual mediums like television and the internet.

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Objectives of advertising

The primary objective of advertising is commuting the message from the organizations to the consumers. Advertisements can also be termed as ‘paid announcements.’Advertising helps in capturing public attention in the form of paid messages regarding brands, products, or services.

It is basically a promotional tool used by business organizations to promote their brands and make them known to the masses. Advertising helps in building brands, promoting brands, creating demand, spreading information and awareness, maximizing profit, and achieving business goals.

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Advertising – a necessity in today’s world

Apart from promoting brands, advertising educates people and the society at large. Awareness regarding various critical social issues is spread by using different forms of advertisements. It can be said that without advertising, today’s business world cannot thrive.

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