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Decision stage is arguably the most important factor that determines the performance of a company. Without proper planning, the result will never be fruitful. That makes the decision stage an important aspect on which the result is entirely dependent. The topic is a bit tricky to understand, and hence the decision stage homework helpis very necessary.

Concept of the Decision Stage

Decision stages of a firm adapt different models. There can be 5, 7 and 9 step model of decision making.

The5-step model has the following categories-

  • Define the situation- knowing the status and act accordingly.
  • Generate alternatives- different choosing factors.
  • Information gathering- the data required to choose from the different decision-making
  • Selection- choosing the best alternative.
  • Action- implementation of the plan and observing the outcome.

The7-step model can be categorized into-

  • Problem Identification-what is the problem?
  • Possible reasons –where is the help needed?
  • Probable solutions –what things can be done?
  • Information gathering –what things to be kept in mind?
  • Possible outcomes– what can be the outcome of this decision?
  • Best option selection– which option will surely work?
  • Implement the action plan– carrying out the plan and make it work.

the9-step model has the following categories-

  • Objective identification- what is your goal?
  • Carry out research- what options do you have?
  • Value identification- what changes can be occurred by this decision?
  • Importance of decision- how much should you invest?
  • Plan your time- how much time and energy will be consumed by this decision?
  • Choose a strategy- which one is the appropriate strategy?
  • List down the options- what can be the possibilities?
  • Analyze the options- compare the available options to choose the best.
  • Take the decisiontime to deliver the decision and evaluate the results.

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