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Decided on Your University Major Subject? Know the Steps of Choosing the Correct University for Studying English!

by Sep 17, 2016English

‘’I am finally a graduate! Now I have to go to the University! A new life as an English Master’s student!’’
I would never forget that day when finally my graduation results came out and I had passed with flying colours! Pursuing higher studies in English Literature was always an ambition that I had harboured and now with the doors of almost all the top universities being open for me, I was definitely spoilt for choice!
However, as they say, every positive brings with itself its set of negatives. Choosing a university in general context was not quite a big deal had the context of it having parity with the chosen subject not mattered. This was a major issue that I had to face, and I am very sure that you too must be facing similar situations.
So, here are some of the important tips that I had followed while choosing out that university that suited my requirement. You too can get some ideas in this context and thereby choose that which is specifically tailor-made for your demands!
Finalising the subject:
From the day I had taken up English as my subject of graduation at the college, I knew that I wanted to pursue higher studies and complete my research with it.  However, it is to be understood as I had then,being, in that position, that finalising a university based on the subject of one’s choice can be quite a difficult feat.
Every university has its own set of courses, and various sub-courses that are topmost in every respect. In such a scenario, clearing out such aspects, need a detailed consideration. Since, my subject was English, I am sharing certain tips and some of the top universities that I had checked out while taking up this course.
Knowing the toppers:
As the first and foremost process of choosing a university for your Master’s course in a specific subject, English being the course in this case, it is important to check out which are the topmost universities that provide that course.
In the United Kingdom:

  • The Oxford University
  • The Cambridge University
  • The University of Sussex

In the United States of America:

  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Yale University

In Australia

  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of Queensland

As I had sat down on that fateful day to choose out universities where my chosen subject was taught with the best of faculty, I had zeroed in on these universities and checked out their offerings. In this context, I would like to share, that it is best that while choosing these universities, specific attention should be paid on those papers that are being taught in that university, and whether they match up to your demands.
Also, categorizing should be done from toppers to the less important ones. That is exactly how I decided on choosing out that university for my Master’s program which was suitable for my requirements.
Other aspects that need to be taken into account:
Since I was so consumed with the fact that I had scored really high in my graduation program, that to a great extent I neglected other aspects that were to be checked in regards to applying for my Master’s program. However, it is best that you check out those aspects and then finally zero in on a particular University.
Here are other factors that I had kept in mind.

  • Papers that were taught:

Since Master’s program to a great extent depends on the specialisation on that subject. Hence, it is imperative that you should know which special paper you would take, and whether the university that you are vouching for actually teaches that paper.
Not every university, though they being the best in the concerned subject, teaches every paper. Here, it is important to check out whether your chosen paper is taught and what is the privilege that is given to that paper.

  • Faculty needs to be taken into consideration:

Among the above-mentioned universities, all of them boast of some of the best professors in their domain. Here, it needs to be seen whether that paper that you will take up as specialisation has the correct and qualified faculty as support.
When I had applied for Master’s program in one of the above-mentioned universities, of which I am now a part, I had clearly checked whether that special paper that I had taken had the specific faculty to support.
This to a great extent helps in ensuring that your Master’s program is in the correct hands. Quite close to this happens to be another aspect of choosing a new school for your child, wherein it is important to check those facilities that are being provided to your kid. It is important that you check out Planning on sending your child to a new school? Important facts to check before admission!

  • Parallel papers that are to be studied:

Every subject, especially a subject as English has certain associated papers along with the main paper. In this context, it needs to be checked what is that paper that is chosen as an associate paper and how is that related to the primary paper, or will that to any extent help you as a student in the long run.
Though this factor is avoided by many of the students, but I have seen my friend suffer which is why Iwould request that students take care of this while choosing the university.

  • Chances of further specialisation:

Since my ultimate aim was researching in gender literature especially during the Post-Modern Era, hence, I had checked specifically what the prospects were in that specific university post the Master’s program and how that would help me in my research program.
As a budding research scholar, I would suggest that you too check out this aspect before making a final decision.

  • Course fees and scholarships:

Since Master’s course in English is quite an expensive one, hence, it is imperative that you search out what are the fee refund options available, how and where you can work part time to make sure that you can carry on with your education and finally in case of high scores what percentage of scholarship can you avail.
It is best that prior to making a choice these aspects are taken into consideration.
Finally, make a choice
Once you have taken into account all these aspects, it is finally time to zero in on that university that provides all your requirements in a specific order. However, there might rise a situation, wherein, not all demands are fulfilled. In that case, the one with highest priority should be chosen.
Here are some of the details that I had checked while applying for Master’s programs in the universities mentioned above. You can surely try these out as well! In case you have something new to add, you can surely mail back your comments. Eagerly waiting to hear from you!