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What is customer retention?

Customer retention refers to the retaining of customers of an organization for future business. It is an activity that a company undertakes to reduce company defections. The main of an organization is to build customers and not to lose them. And those customers who are still receiving the services of the company form a long time are the customers who are retained.

Customer retention falls under company policies and aim. Customer retention is the result of hard work by the workers of the company and successful selection of goods to sell or services to provide. These are some of the issues you should keep in mind for your customer retention assignment help. You can get more information on

Outcome of customer retention

Customer retention is the outcome of several reasons that a company enforces. Some of the main points which will guide you if you need customer retention homework help are as follow-

  • Customer relationship management

It is one of the oldest means to retain customers of a business. Customer relationship refers to the relationship that is maintained by the company with its customers. A positive relationship results in the increase of the customer’s trust and faith towards the services and products of the company.

  • Customer satisfaction

The satisfaction that a customer gains is the only think the company should concentrate about. If the customer is unhappy with services or products then he or she won’t be a customer anymore. Thus quality of the thing you are selling should be high quality.

  • Customer delight

This is one of the most important for your customer retention assignment help. If a customer is using the product for the very first time and is delighted with it, then he or she will buy it again. Thus, customer delightment is an important aspect of company policies.

  • Quality of service

The quality of service and product is one the main reasons for customer retention. The more handsome is the quality of the product, the more customers will be interested in it. Maintaining the quality is also necessary for future profits.

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Measurement and statistics

The measurement of customer retention can be understood via the profit made by the organization. But we should remember that long term customer doesn’t really affect the profit of the company, but the short time transactional customers shows the ups and downs of the company.

Statistics is another part which you may find helpful in your customer retention assignment help. The statistics of a company shows the number of customers who are transactional or short-term and the number of customers who are long term. The quality of the services and the product that the company offers also reflects the statistics.

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