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The concept of finance

Finance is defined as the field that deals with the study of investments. It consists of topics like liabilities and assets. In other words, it can also be defined as the science of managing money by keeping into concern conditions of different degrees of risk and uncertainty. The main aim is to price assets and their expected or desired rate of return. We do all types of assignments accurately by keeping into mind the concept of finance and also Customer Behavior with Product Assignment Help as Customer Behavior is another important part of finance.

What is Customer Behavior?

Customer or Consumer Behavior signifies the behavior maintained by certain groups, people or organizations while purchasing or selecting a product or service. The processes to choose, use, secure the products or services are discussed through this subject matter.

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What are the basic topics covered byCustomer Behavior?

The basic topics which are covered in this subject are listed below-

  • Definition of purpose of consumer.
  • Consumer interest.
  • Need of Customer Behavior.
  • Evaluation of alternatives.
  • Black box model.
  • Purchase decision.
  • Post purchase evaluation.

There are various sources from where you can get Customer Behavior and they are:

  • Public Sources.
  • Personal Sources.
  • Commercial Sources.
  • Personal Experience.

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