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What is cryptography? Is this subject of much importance?
It is a method in which data is stored and transmitted in a specific form such that only the person for whom the message/data is intended can read and process it. Actually, the message is encrypted into cipher text, transmitted and then decrypted back again to the original form. Only, the intended receiver can decipher or decrypt the message into the original form.

The message is confidential and cannot be deciphered by anyone for whom it was unintended. Plus, it cannot be changed while in storage or transit without the change being detected.

You’ll find its application in protection of email messages, bank information and corporate data. Cryptography makes online payments and internet banking more safe and secure.

For all those students who wish to be successful network engineers or cryptographers, a clear understanding in this subject becomes an utmost importance. And as you’d probably know how internet and other communication forms are becoming more dominant, secured forms of information transmission becomes very vital as such. No doubt why study of cryptography is becoming more important!

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