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Identifying the Critique of the Product-Life-Cycle Concept with Myhomeworkhelp.Com

The product life-cycle is a model that describes the lifespan of an item in the market. It can help marketers in many ways. You can use it to find out different opportunities in sales and to improve the item’s quality. You can also use it to identify the prototype costs and find ways to reduce it. The team of product-life-cycle management manages these things. Their main aim is to integrate the customer, products, and businesses.

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Criticisms of Product-Life-Cycle Concept

Though the product-life cycle provides a great help to the marketers, there are some limitations to it. It is not applicable to all the products launched in the market.To get more details on, you can use the critique of the product-life cycle concept assignment help.

  1. Unpredictable customers:

In this case, not just the customers but the competitor’s reaction can also be variable. Customer’s demand changes gradually. Hence, it creates difficulty for the marketers to develop a suitable product that can satisfy a consumer.

In case of a competitor, the product-life cycle suggests that the competitor’s reaction is consistent. However, it is not always right. It is only applicable until the market is established. Another difficulty is that competitors do not always follow the theoretical model.

  1. Curve:

There are some items which don’t follow the product-life cycle curve. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the marketers to estimate the sales of the product correctly. For example, in case of toys, the sales of one year may go up while the other may not. The same happens in the case of garments. The size of the product may differ according to the style trends. Hence, it is difficult to predict.

  1. Length of development stages:

It is not easy to determine the length of the stages. The product may stay at different stages for more time. For example, a product could remain at a particular stage for more than eight months. However, some products may stay only for few months. You can learn about other limitations once you avail critique of the product-life cycle concept assignment help.

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