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What is Crisis Management?

The study of Crisis management deals with procedure through which a company or an organization contracts with a major incident has the ability to damage the organization along with general public and stake holder.

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What are the elements?

There are three crisis elements-

  • A threat to the Company of organization.
  • The surprise Element.
  • Short Decision Time.

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What is the important difference between risk management and Crisis Management?

The risk management is the study through which you will get knowledge measuring potential threats and they acquire the proper knowledge of how to avoid. But, in case of Crisis management, everything is just opposite of risk management. It is because crisis management means dealing with the major events at every moment from the beginning to the end. Thus, it is one of the important parts of management.

What are the different types of Crisis?

The various types of Crisis are as follow-

  1. Natural disaster.
  2. Technological crises.
  3. Confrontation.
  4. Malevolence.
  5. Organizational Misdeeds.
  6. Workplace Violence.
  7. Rumors.
  8. Terrorist attacks/man-made disasters.

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