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The union of two companies resulting in the formation of a new enterprise is known as merger. Like anything else, merger too has got its pros and cons. Out of the benefits again, a major part goes to the business class with very little left to meet the interests of commoners. For a meticulous study on costs and benefits of merger, all you need is go to and submit your assignment with us to obtain Costs and Benefits of Merger Assignment Help.

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By costs and benefits of a merger, it is the advantages and disadvantages of a merger that is being talked about. A merger makes provision for better research and development through availability of more funds and that altogether helps in creating newer technologies useful to the firm. Again, the economies of scale increases with horizontal merger as compared to its counterparts. It also reduces unwanted competition between firms manufacturing closer substitutes of products and that has a positive impact on environment too

However, there are certain costs that a firm is made to bear as it chooses to go for merger. For instance, there can be diseconomies of scale coming with mergers. As a company merges with another, the manager may face problems in managing the bigger company. Also its workers may be refrained from working hard due to lack of motivation, making way for moral hazards. Many of these disadvantages may also move the customers. Like, when the new firm exhibits its monopoly, it would raise the prices of its goods, adding to the grievances of consumers.

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