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Introduction to Costing and control of labour-
Labour costs can be both direct and indirect. It is important to form labour costs as to see the percentage of total production costs during all manufacturing of all products and services. This is done to get maximum costs with minimum costs. Which will not mean to cut down on costs but rather it is to gain maximum and efficient proficiency from all of the employed staff.

The main purposes of labour costs are as follows:

  • It helps to determine gross and net wage rates for each and every employee in a company.
  • It also helps to take up financial decisions and accounting purposes.
  • It is too needed for management functions.
  • Overall decision making procedure also need to be determined with help of Costing and control of labour.

The main elements of labour costs that are very well explained by our Costing and control of labour Assignment Help team are as follows:

  • It is always direct or indirect.
  • It is on basis off wages.
  • Premium is over time
  • It has proper idle time
  • There is turnover for labour.

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