Cost Volume Profit Analysis Homework Help

Cost Volume Profit Analysis Homework Help

Get Top-Quality Cost Volume Profit Analysis Homework Help

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What is Cost Volume Profit?

In the domain of managerial economics, Cost Volume Profit refers to a type of cost accounting. This is a basic model which is helpful for short-term decisions and for the purpose of elementary instruction. The analysis of this model expands the utilization of the data that is offered by breakeven analysis. An essential component of this type of analysis is the specific point in which the total revenue amount equals the entire costs, both variable and fixed ones.

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Summarizing the components of Cost Volume Profit Analysis

Cost Volume Profit Analysis helps to understand how volume and cost tend to influence the net income or revenues earned by a company and also its operating income. Professional Cost Volume Profit Analysis homework help can prove to be highly advantageous in understanding the concepts better.

Below are the components of Cost Volume Profit Analysis-

  1. Volume or level of activity

The effect of the level of activity base noticeable influences the costs of a firm. These are explained below.

  1. Variable costs per unit

This is approximately proportional to the increase or fall in the activity base of a company. For instance, in a transport facility firm with the increase in the number of passengers the total expenditure in fuel is bound to increase.

  1. Unit selling price

Although the selling prices of a unit might be constant, cost volume profit analysis requires all information related to the sale, manufacturing as well as administrative cost.

  1. Total fixed cost

These are the expenses of a firm which are most unlikely to change with alterations in the activities of the firm. Depreciation expense of an organization is a notable example of fixed costs.

While beginning with a coursework in Cost Volume Profit Analysis one must know that it, like all other major accounting tools, comes with its own limitations. One of the major constraints of Cost Volume Profit Analysis is that it is the mark at which the total investment made by a company is equal to the revenues earned. This means that it denotes the point at which there is no profit or loss influencing the business.

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Why is it important?

The Cost Volume Profit Analysis is influenced by 5 factors –Variable Costs, Fixed Costs, Selling prices of products, Mixture of various kinds of products sold and level of sales activity / volume of sales. Determining all of these factors can be assistive in cost control and planning of profits, although the task might seem complicated for students.

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Important equations for Cost Volume Profit Analysis

Evaluation of the basic profit equation is one of the major roles of CPV. The following equations can offer requiredCost Volume Profit Analysis assignment help in different calculations-

  • Net profit = Total revenues earned – total costs
  • Profit = SP * Q – V * Q – F

This equation can be simplified as,

Profit = (P – V) * Q – F                                                                                                          


  • SP: Selling Price
  • V: Variable costs per unit
  • (P – V): Per unit contribution margin
  • Q: Total Quantity of the products sold
  • F: Total fixed costs

Functions of Cost Volume Profit Analysis

As per our earlier discussion, CPV analysis can be described as the study of the revenues, expenses and the net profit of an organization and how they influence each other. CPV has several other roles and expert Cost Volume Profit Analysis homework help can very helpful in obtaining useful information on this topic.

Here is a brief mention of its major functions-

  • Cost Volume Profit Analysis helps to organize effective data during early planning stages.
  • It helps to detect important issues and recommends suitable measures on how to tackle them in the initial stages of business planning.
  • CPV can be recruited to ascertain the break-even point or the volume of operating activity. This comprises of all fixed and variable expenses of the firm. Every newly established firm aspires to reach this mark at the earliest to take note of all probable expenses and begin making visible profits.
  • CPV helps to evaluate contribution margin of companies. This is the amount remaining after the variable costs have been subtracted.

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