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What are the concepts of cost of capital?
By the term cost of capital will be defined as the prospect costs of particular investments. It can be also defined as the rate of returns that is earned from putting the amount in many investments with equal risks. There are two basic differences that need to be considered that can be the core concepts of the subject that our online Cost of Capital Concept Homework Help team will assist a student with:

1.    Differentiation between cost of capital and needed return:

  • Both have same points to choose a kind of investments over other.
  • Later is in view point of investors while the former is in view point of a company
  • Cost of capital is the returns on all the investments that a company has made on different securities known as weighted average.
  • Incontrast, we can see that Rate of return is capital reimbursement that an investor has made on the company.

2.    Differentiation between policy of finances and Cost.

  • Former is to determine best possible way to assign resources as it needs to be decided which investment is mostly profited after utilization of resources.
  • Various methods are used to determine the cost of capital like models of pricing capital asset and analysis of discounted funds flow.
  • Financial policy also includes hedging, portfolio theory and structure of capital.

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