Cost of Capital: A Look at the Evidence Homework Help

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Cost of Capital: A Look at the Evidence Assignment Help

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Cost of capital: a look at the evidence is a topic that is comprehensively covered in the subject of finance. If you have finance as one of your academic subjects then it is guaranteed that you will come across this topic. The topic is a little tricky to comprehend and that is why you should get cost of capital: a look at the evidence homework help from expert professionals.

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Main highlights of the topic cost of capital: a look at the evidence

Cost of capital is actually the cost of a business entity’s funds that is generally made up of debt and equity. The evidence of cost of capital is that it is the rate at which the businesses are able to raise capital and for investors it is the return which they expect from the securities of the company. Thus businesses would invest in a particular project if the expected return on capital will be greater than the cost of capital.

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Important things about this concept

  • There is complete evidence that cost of capital in reality represents the opportunity cost of making a particular investment.
  • Cost of capital is many times used as discount rate for estimating the fair value related to an investment’s cash flow.
  • The company’s total cost of capital comprises of both debt as well as equity. So if only debt or if only equity will be analyzed then accurate cost of capital can’t be calculated. Thus cost of debt and cost of equity in totality will give the right results.
  • The weighted average cost of capital is a highly used method for calculation of cost of capital.

Usefulness of cost of capital evaluation

It is a fact that cost of capital ascertainment is highly useful for a number of  financial decisions  like for deciding the optimal capital structure, for capital budgeting decisions, for comparative analysis of various sources of financing, for evaluating the financial performance, for dividend and interest related decisions etc.

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