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What Role Do Cost Functions and the Measurement of Scale Play in Microeconomics?

The cost functions are the mathematical formulas that help us to analyze the change in production expenses at different output levels. The measurement of scales is a classification which helps you to interpret data from the values of the variable. The variable may have some attributes. Hence, to determine the results, you have to assign them values.

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The Types of Cost Function

According to the cost functions and the measurement of scale homework help, there are three primary types of the cost function. A short description is as follows.

  1. Linear

In linear cost function, you will have three factors. The total cost, the total fixed cost which remains constant and the variable cost. In this method, you have to find the total cost. Hence to determine it, you have to add the constant of total fixed cost and the variable. For determining the average cost, you have to divide the full cost by output.

  1. Quadratic

The cost function is quadratic when it has diminishing returns to the variable factors. Here, the point beyond the total physical product is not proportionate. Hence, the marginal physical product also decreases.

  1. Cubic

In comparison to the linear and quadratic cost function, it doesn’t provide many improvements in the statistics. It is also difficult to evaluate and use. It follows three assumptions.

  • Total cost and total fixed cost are equal.
  • Total fixed cost is constant at the levels of output.
  • With the expansion of production, there is an increase in return to the variable factor. After the inflection point, there is a constant return to the variable factor.

The Measurement of Scale

With cost functions and the measurement of scale homework help, you can find all the details for the level of analysis. It is of four types. They are:

  1. Nominal

Here, the numerical values uniquely assign names to the attributes. There is no ordering of the cases.

  1. Ordinal

In this measurement, the attributes are present as per the order of ranks. The distance between the attributes doesn’t mean anything.

  1. Interval

Here, the distances between the attributes have a meaning. It means the values can be interpretable.

  1. Ratio

Here, you can find absolute zero, and it has a meaning. It means you can create a fraction with a ratio variable.

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