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All about Cost Concepts and its importance for Decision-making-
Cost concepts are needed in all kinds of business to run properly. This is the most important factor as this will be used to select different alternatives to gain profit in business. Cost concept will help a manger to take up decisions that will bring maximum profit in the given time frame in a year. It is important to use proper tools to determine cost of both long and short termed production expenditure.
A properly made cost concept will help in determining cost for inventories, operations, products and functions. All day- to- day decisions are made on the basis of Cost concepts. And now when the concept is explained, let our team of Cost Concepts for Decision-making Assignment Help take a small opportunity to explain you why is it important for decision making:

About Cost Concepts for Decision-making-
Concepts for decision making are important for the following reasons:

1.    Imputed or Opportunity costs:
It shows all benefits that have gone with the opportunity of not choosing next best alternate option as compared to with best option is called as opportunity costs. Whereas, imputed costs are never recorded in books yet they are there as that type of costs that are hypothetically there. For example, interests.

2.    Relevant and irrelevant costs:
Whatever a cost is effected by any decision that has been taken which is important tool for making decisions are known to be as relevant costs. For example, labour cost, material cost etc.

And all costs that are not at all affected by decisions are known as irrelevant costs.

3.    Incremental and Differential costs:
It is a cost that is there with difference of two and other alternatives available that are accepted. And incremental costs are all additional costs that one chooses over other.

This is how shortly our Cost Concepts for Decision-making Homework Help team has explained it for your understanding.

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