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Being an online homework help platform; has interacted with thousands of students across the globe and well understood their problems, limitations,and drawbacks. In one such instance, the steep rise in the demand of cost concept assignment solutions by commerce students,compelled us to step back and rethink!

There is an ample number of books covering the commerce, business, and accountancy and finance curricula of an educational institution. However, the fact is that there are very few books which may provide complete materials concisely and systematically. Also, if there is, newbies face difficulties in learning the contents of voluminous books at a very beginning stage.

Every other student seek homework solutions! This is the reason why most of them are hooking up to us!

Cost concept homework solutions is a matter of little concern. Actually, we provide assignment help for school, college or university whatsoever; in almost all areas of study and specialization.

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  • Lucidity

We use simple and easy to understand language in our help manuals. For an American native, assignment helps and homework solutions are provided in American English. Similarly, we provide our cost concept assignment solutions in British English for Europeans and in an Australian accent for Australians.

Recently, we have extended our arms for customized services in Latin America, South Asia,and Africa.

  • Practical approach

We believe in real-time experience and as such we explain each topic with practical examples. As for cost concept assignment solutions; we promise to provide you with practical guidelines with various formulae, tables, flowcharts, handouts etc.

  • Questionnaires

Why just satisfy with homework help? Aren’t there any doubts that you hesitate to ask your professors?

Our team of experts will give satisfactory answers to all the theoretical questions set for you in the exercise. Also, wewill supply you a list of questions so that you can clarify the probable doubts related to a topic.

If you contact us for cost concept homework solutions, we will also provide you the solutions of all related practical problems along with suggestions for board examination and other competitive examination.

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Online help for cost concept homework solutions

There is a very obvious reason why most of the students struggle with cost accounting. Students majoring in accountancy aims to become Financial Analysts, Chartered Accountant or reach the secretarial position in an organization.

One should understand that this top-level management requires par excellence and as such, educational institutions design their curriculum accordingly so that students can achieve astuteness. However, crunching number and solving lengthy arithmetic problems all day long can be very tiresome. Herein lies the essence of cost concept homework solutions from

Looking for cost concept assignment solutions? Let’s start with the cost!

In our daily life, we find no difference between cost, expense,and expenditure but business does.

Sir K. Yorston, E.B. Smith and S.R. Brown have remarked in their works, “A cost covers any outlay which may or may not have an effect on proprietor’s equity during a particular accounting period.”

Cost accounting involves documenting and recording transactional and financial statements. It is a practice of maintaining statistical documents to stock, evaluate and summarize the financial details of the business.

Along with an exhaustive team of experts; we have a large collection of works related to the subject, of some eminent writers like R.N. Carter, Spicer and Peglar, J.R. Batliboi, Fieldhouse, L.C. Cropper and Lucas Pacioli to name a few.Likewise, when you will approach us for cost concept homework solutions; we will show you different approach towards the topic.

A brief classification of costs: Extracted from our cost accountancy manuals!

Cost is classified into two parts; viz.

  1. Unexpired cost

Unexpired costs are those which can be carried over the next accounting period.

Suppose, raw materials worth 30000 dollars were purchased in 2017 out of which raw materials worth 10000 dollars were consumed in the accounting year and raw materials worth 20000 dollars were left which can be utilized in the current accounting year. Here, 20000 dollars is unexpired cost.

  1. Expired cost

Expired cost is that whose utility expires within the accounting period.

For example, the annual maintenance charge of machinery in your factory is 10000 dollars. Even if no maintenance was required in an accounting year; your prepaid maintenance charges will not be adjusted in the corresponding accounting year. Here, 10000 dollars is expired cost.

What else?

As mentioned earlier we deal with every topic, every subject and every field of specialization.

As far as commerce is concerned, apart from cost concept assignment solutions we have:

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