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For enhancing or creating brand equity, marketers try developing effective integrated marketing communication programs. For this, they need to tie together the marketing communications. Coordinating media is very important for doing so. If you are studying the topic of integrated marketing media, you should definitely consider our coordinating media homework help service. You are always assured of quality assistance at

Issues with linking communication effects to brand

The creation of communication through advertisement is obviously important for building brand equity. However, for that communication to be effective, it needs to be properly linked to the concerned brand. However, creating such links is often difficult due to:

  • Competitive clutter:

Often, there might be interference because of competitive advertisements in the same category of products. This often leads to confusion among customers regarding which brand stands for which advertisement.

  • Improper structure and content of advertisement:

Through our coordinating media assignment help, you shall learn the importance of ad structure and content. The tactics of borrowed interest might grab the attention of consumers, although it might not necessarily create a strong association for the brand. In an advertisement, less mentions of the brand or delayed brand identification may increase the intensity but it results in attention away from the brand. This contributes to weak links with the brand.

  • Involvement of consumers:

It might be possible that the customers might not be inherently interesting in a certain product category or service. They might even not know enough about the concerned brand. This inevitable result in customer motivation. Also, weak brand links are resulted since consumers are unable to properly process the advertisement.

Strategies of creating brand association through communication

Communications have direct effects on the consumers, which is the reason why advertisements actually work. However, if these effects do not play any role when customers are making critical decisions, the advertisements may not work. This is a common problem discussed by our experts when they provide coordinating media assignment help.

A common way of addressing this problem is displaying the package information and brand name in the advertisements. However, with this tactic, consumers aren’t able to recall much information about this brand.

As such, a more effective strategy would be creating a brand signature. It is the way through which a brand is identified within an advertisement, be it a TV, radio or printed ad. Brand signatures are the most effective if they are able to connect seamless to the entire ad. Apart from brand signature, other strategies include media interactions and ad retrieval cues.

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