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Convention of consistency deals with the idealization of principles that should be implemented for a specific period of accounting procedures. In this context, convention of consistency in accounting conventions homework help will lead the way to deliver appropriate assignments. We at build your present to bright the future in great style.

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Convention of consistency:

In preparing the financial statements for a specificperiod of time, it is necessary to take concern to draw conclusions. The primary procedure of convention of consistency helps in comparison the performance of particular intervals.

In the whole procedure to build such statements, students should know that consistency is of three types:

  1. Vertical consistency:

It is maintainedwith the statements ofsame period. In its higher level, if someone does not follow definite rule, then it terms to vertical inconsistency.

Students should not confuse in dealing with consistency in accounting conventions. The convention of consistency in accounting conventions homework help will make you get ready to comprehend with different factors with ease.

  1. Horizontal consistency:

If one figure is taken from a specific financial year and otherfigureis taken from another specificfinancial year of thesame enterprise, then it is called as horizontal consistency.

  1. Third dimensionalconsistency:

Third dimensional consistency is the greater picture of horizontal consistency in which financial statements of two different departments are taken into account in the same enterprise to compare.

Convention of consistency in accounting conventions assignment help is going to assist students why accounting figures should remain unchanged for a specificperiod of time and when this figure should change with the principle of consistency in accounting conventions.

However, consistency does not define the figure as inflexible, but the fact is that it should be maintained properly to earn asubstantial profit. Sometimes change becomes necessary, and this should be stated accurately in the overall statement calculations.

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