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Before we get into the details of this topic, I can advise you to go through the controllership and control assignment help, just to get an overall clear idea. Based on the context of computing, a controller is a software program or a hardware device that is able to manage and direct the data flow between two entities. The controllers may be:

  • Microchips
  • Cards
  • Different hardware devices

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Generally, controller is something that that is able to interact between two different systems and can communicate also.

Learn about some different types of controllers:

  • If you want to play games, then game controller can be used as an input device
  • WIC or wan interface card is a special type of card which is used to allow the devices to connect within a wide range of network
  • A graphics card is used in computer as a circuit card.
  • NIC or network interface card is such a card that that is used to install in a computer and thus it can be connected to the network.
  • Application delivery controller is also a data center network device. It will help ypu to manage the clients with different web and enterprise applications.
  • Flash controller refers to the flash memory. It helps to communicate with your host device and it also manages your flash file directory
  • BMC or baseboard management controller is another special service processor that helps to monitor the network server, the physical condition of your computer, and also about other hardware devices.
  • SBC or session border controller is that particular device application in which all the called sessions and normal calls are initiated.
  • PDC or primary domain controller and BDC are those roles, which can be ascertained to a server, so that he can manage access to a group of network resources meant for a group of users.

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