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Concept of Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is also known as continual improvement process is actually a method of recognizing opportunities in order to streamline work and reducing waste. It is also an on-going effort to enhance the products, processes or services.

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Plan-do-check-act model (PDCA)

The tools of PDCA model is the most widely used tools for the process of continuous improvement, they are:

  • Plan: Detect a break and plan for a change
  • Do: Apply the change on small-scale
  • Check: Then use data in order to evaluate the results of the changes and analysis that whether there was any difference.
  • Act: Finally, if you think that the result was fruitful, and you can apply the change on thelarge scale and then start assessing the results on acontinuous

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How can one practice continuous improvement?

It is said that the practice of continuous improvement starts after recognizing a current process, workflow, procedure or project. If someone is aware of the fact that what would be the work, it is considered as the first step of improvement.

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Steps to be followed to undertake continuous improvement

  • Analyze the current performance
  • Start a need to improve
  • Gain commitment and explain the improvement objective
  • Organize the diagnostic resources
  • Then try to research out and analyze to identify the cause of current performance
  • Finally, define and test solutions that will fulfill the improvement objective

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