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The term Continuous Compounding refers to the maximum limit of Compound interest. It is a typical situation for sure, as the interest is usually calculated or added on a periodic basis, say monthly or annually.

Though Continuous Compounding is not feasible in a regular set up, in the world of Finance, it holds a lot of significance. For a detailed understanding, manuals as continuous compounding assignment help are of great help!

Continuous Compounding-The Break Down

In a day to day scenario, the compound interest is calculated on everyday, or monthly, or quarterly or annual basis. However, in case of Continuous Compounding, the compound remains constant, and the interest is calculated using an infinite period of time.

When the investment amount is very high, continuous compounding does yield great amount of interest. Manuals as continuous compounding assignment help can be of real service to students in this regard!

Formula for Continuous Compounding

FV=PVxe^(i x t)

Where PV is the investment value right now

i is the interest rate

n is the compounding periods

t is the time(years)

e is mathematical constant, and the value is 2.7183

Benefits of Continuous Compounding

  • Investors get their returns on a continuous basis
  • The calculations remain constant
  • It saves a lot of trouble as the regular inputs keep the record books clean and tidy
  • It is mostly used in financial markets, where the extent of calculations is huge. By using this formula, the book keeping activity remains a regular affair

Problems faced by Students

Students face a lot of hardships while handling this subject and this is not an exaggeration. To derive the right numbers and to arrive at a logical solution is a very difficult job.

With the advent of excel sheets, the entire process has become relatively simple. The students, as well as the professionals, have to just insert the values inside the excel formula, and they will have the computations ready.

However, half knowledge is extremely dangerous. If you do not know what values need to be inserted into the excel formula, then you will end up with a contradictory outcome!

This is the precise reason why students seek online!

 Why are such manuals needed?

No Excel sheet or calculator will fill the excel sheet of its own. The values have to be determined by you. It becomes imperative that you understand the subject well to ace it.

Continuous compounding homework help comes as a blessing. Why? It helps you in understanding the subject from scratch, and the calculations begin from simple ones and gradually progress to tricky ones. This ensures that there are no gaps in learning.

 What makes us the best?

Continuous compounding homework help can be sought from various resources over the internet, however, why waste your time and money when you get everything from one portal?

This is why at, we have a huge group of students who approach us with their doubts on the subject, and our experts help and guide them in the most sincere manner. is affordable and ensures that our Academicians have over five years of work experience in the field of Finance and Accounting. That is the major reason why continuous compounding homework help offered by us is a major hit among our students!

Come, join the journey soon, and Continuous compounding will not sound troublesome anymore.

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