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The Consumer Adoption Process is a theoretical subject and teachers often give assignments to the students to develop their knowledge on the steps involved in this process.  It is a five steps process that comprises of different stages involved in accepting a new product by the consumers. has launched The Consumer-Adoption Process homework help support to explain the subject clearly to the students and provide them some relief from doing repeated assignments.

Importance of the Consumer Adoption Process

Being a marketing student it is important for you to have an in-depth knowledge on the consumer adoption process as it is also one of the important marketing tools.  The consumer adoption process takes into account the mental process which works in an individual’s mind for accepting a new innovation. The process starts since one hears about an innovation and ends at final adoption. There are several factors which influence a buyer to adopt a new innovative product. It is important for the marketing students to have an adequate knowledge of the factors which influence the adoption process. Our The Consumer-Adoption Process homework help providers assist you in understanding the factors so that you can write your answers in a precise and comprehensive way.

Problems in doing the consumer adoption process assignments

The consumer adoption process is a five steps process- product awareness, product interest, product evaluation, product trial, and product adoption. Students are given case studies where they have to describe the various ways of developing product awareness for an innovative product or service. Similarly, they also have to develop various strategies for growing product interest, product evaluation, product trial and product awareness.

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There are specific methods for developing strategies for every step. The Consumer-Adoption Process assignment help providers will guide you in identifying the suitable strategies related to a particular product. Our experts study the consumer adoption process of various renowned companies and use them in their answers. The answers are more realistic and appropriate to the scenarios given.

Time of adoption of innovations

Depending on the time taken to adopt an innovative product, consumers are divided into the following categories:

  • Innovators-

There are just 2.5% of people who accept new ideas or products willingly.

  • Early adopters-

Around 13.5% of people are early adopters who accept innovative ideas carefully.

  • Early majority-

Around 34% people are considered as the early majority who accept latest ideas ahead of the average person.

  • Late majority-

Late majority are those people who are doubtful about the innovation and adopt it only when the product is tested by majority of people. Around 34% of people come under this category.

  • Laggards-

There are around 16% of people who are tradition-bound, sceptical of changes and accept an innovative product only when it becomes a tradition.

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