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The controversy of constrained optimization means the dispute between the techniques of constrained optimization and the concept of improving it. What is constrained optimization? It is a system of optimizing a function with reference to variables when some constraints are present in those variables.

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The Concept of Constrained Optimization Controversy:

  • Allocation of Time:

You want to spend time your family and friends. You also want to do all the household work on this particular day. But you only have 24 hours in a day, here the time constraint occurs.

  • Human Capital:

You can earn more if you get education, but the process of studying will reduce the days of work experience.

  • Child:

If you want to have a child in your life, you need to take leave from your work. But you also need to provide him clothes, food, education at the same time. So, here comes the problem of quality and quantity.

  • Household:

Suppose, you want to buy a car but your wife want to purchase a television. Here occurs another constrained optimization.

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