Conflict and Negotiation Homework Answers

Conflict and Negotiation Assignment Answers

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In the study of management some common terms influence a lot. Moreover, when it is about a topic as ‘Conflicts and Negotiation’, then you can easily understand that how it is important for different parties. Now, when you study about this topic, you will have to explain the different types of situations that are based on some common factors to understand it properly. Homework is thus always essential, and in case you have any such problem, then you can easily take support of Conflict and Negotiation homework answers from

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Explanation of the term Conflict in business study or management strategy

Conflict is a process that takes place when one party takes care of something which does not affect any other party or impact is minor. You must know that conflict can be destructive, but sometimes it can be constructive. The complete conflict topic is just associated with the five steps. These are –

  • Incompatibility – In this you will have personal variables, structure and communication
  • Personalization and cognition – felt and perceived conflict explains about this part.
  • Intentions – Avoiding, collaborating, compromising, competing and accommodating come under this.
  • Behavior – Behavior of one party and the reaction of the other.
  • Outcomes – improvement of group performance

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What is negotiation?

Negotiation indicates about the process through which parties exchange their services or goods at a rate that is bargained earlier. In day to day life of people, negotiation takes place and it is the rate that one bargained. In the corporate sector too, one small company may contribute its goods, but it negotiate rate.

There are two important steps as –

  • Bargaining Strategies
  • Negotiation Process

There are some issues in negotiation and these are –

  • Personality straits
  • Gender differences
  • Cultural business
  • Third party

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