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What is working capital?
Our team of Concepts of Working Capital Assignment Help has very simply explained Working capital as the total capital that is needed for a business. It is required to purchase fixed assets like land, building, furniture and machineries, etc. this is a capital that is invested for a longer period of time and that is a reason why it is called as a fixed long- term capital also. But the basic and the core importance of working capital is investing in assets that are used currently. Rather in other words it is that fund that is used for regular procedure in any business.

Understanding concepts of working capital –
In general there are two types of main concepts. Namely gross concept and the net concept.
1.    Gross Concept: According to this, amount of all working capital used in current assets is considered to be as gross concept. Therefore, total of working capital that is invested in for the usage of current assets are basis of gross concept and current assets are those that can be converted into cash within a short moment of time.

Denoted as:
A. Total of current asses = gross of working capital.
In short gross concept refers to the investments that a company makes for its current assets that will be expenses, bills, funds in banks, liquid fund on hand and inventory.

2.    Net Concepts: It can be explained as the surplus of the assets used currently on to its current liabilities it is represented as the difference of current asset it has to current liabilities it has.

Denoted as:
B. Assets currently used – liabilities it currently has = net of working capital.
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