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Computer Architecture: Decoding it!

Computer Architecture is a subject for the computer science engineering students that deals with the study of the origin and progression of computer as a machine, its crucial software, and hardware parts and other elements that revolve around it.  The different factors influencing the design or architecture of computers are taught in this subject, and helpful for students who are highly interested in processor arrangement, hardware, compilers, and operating systems of the world of computers.

The three main elements of this subject precisely are as follows:

  • Digital Logic Design
  • Digital Circuits and Systems
  • Computer Organization

This subject offers a detailed understanding of the architecture of computer including memory grouping ideas, information-set concepts, mini-architectural techniques.  Apart from this, the subject also involves a number of other advanced topics that relate to in-depth study of various processors mini architectural models, which include in-order scalar pipeline system, multicore processor design and out-of-order superscalar processor model. These technical terms are taught through theoretical and practical classes that help the students get a detailed insight into the design of computers.

For computer science engineering students, the complete architectural concept of computers are taught as a very crucial subject that forms the basis of the total course.

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