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Purpose of image processing

Compressed image processing homework help will make sure that you have knowledge and get into the detailed of subject. Image processing is divided into 5 groups:

  • Visualization: In this case the objects would not be visible, but can be observed.
  • Image recognition: The objects available in graphic can easily be distinguished.
  • Image restoration: better graphics can surely be created.
  • Image retrieval: looking for desired image.

Types of image processing

While studying compressed image processing, you will get to know about two different types of image processing:

  • Analog:

Our experts will offer you with quality compressed image processing homework help that can deliver vast knowledge. In case of this processing, the visual technique of an image is applied to hard copy photos and printouts. Once you are well-aware of this concept, there is a possibility of building up a bright future.

  • Digital:

The digital processing technique would undergo into three different phases: (i) pre processing, (ii) enhancement and display (iii) information extraction.

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