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Short run supply curve is something which creates confusion among students. It is easy to understand but for that one needs to have a clear idea about the topic short run supply. The competitive firm’s short-run supply homework help will give students idea about this topic and things related to it. So if you are having trouble with your short run supply assignment go through our assignment help.

Short Run Supply Curve in Perfect Competition Market

The supply curve of a firm in a perfectly competitive market refers to the portion of its curve of marginal cost which lies above minimum average cost of variable curve. A firm in perfect competition market maximizes its profit by the production of total output quantity which equates marginal cost and price. So the firm slides along the positively sloped curve of marginal cost when response to change in prices.

In short, a firm produces output by going up or coming down along the curve of its marginal cost. This curve of marginal cost is thus a firm’s short run supply curve in perfect competitive market. The competitive firm’s short-run supply assignment help will provide every necessary material.

This is because marginal cost curve in this scenario is positively sloped. It is due to law of diminishing marginal returns. So a firm’s supply curve is too. In a perfectly competitive market, all firms have positively sloped curve of marginal cost. The curve for the market supply is positively sloped also for this entire market or industry. This gives us an explanation for law of supply.

Understanding Supply in Detail

A firm which is perfectly competitive, analyzing production decision of short run has direct indication for law of supply and the curve of market supply. A primary conclusion of it is a supply curve in a short run for a competitive firm is a segment where curve of marginal cost lies above the curve of average variable cost.  To understand it you can check the competitive firm’s short-run supply homework help.

Key points to remember

These three important points should be remembered always:

  1. MR=MC which is output from a firm should be in a quantity where marginal revenue is same as marginal cost.
  2. A firm is perfectly competitive when marginal revenue is equal to price.
  3. Law of diminishing marginal returns makes marginal cost curve positively sloped.

Combining these points mean a profit maximizing firm in competitive market produces output quantity where price equals marginal cost. To know more about this get the competitive firm’s short-run supply assignment help.

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