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Military versus Business Strategy –A Comparison

Comparisons remain incomplete unless both sides of the coin are analyzed. In this discussion, a two-pronged approach must be taken by the student. Comparisons do not want simply the differences but seek the similarities too. Military and business strategies will, therefore, need to be covered under two heads. They are as follows:

  • Similarities:

From the lens of competitiveness, military and business are very similar. They both wish to out-perform their opponents using tactical tricks and to apply least effort. Comparing business and military strategy assignment help services also point out that in both these spheres, all team members must work together to achieve best results.

  • Differences:

In a military set-up, the goal is to defeat the opponent and end up on the victorious side. Hence all plans are formulated keeping in mind that employing least effort the enemy is compromised. War is brutal, and there is nothing called the second place. Winning is the only option or certain defeat. Here there is only one option win or lose.

In business, however, the stakes are different, the opponents are not to be eliminated but the organizations seek to out-perform them and extract greater profits. While planning a business policy, there are two scenarios win-win or win-lose. Always it is not necessary that your opponent should perform badly, both the companies can do well and extract mutual benefits.

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