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Quick Solution to Difficult Comparative Advantage Homework

A study of cost and production in an economy is complete only when some subdivisions are taken into consideration. These subdivisions include opportunity cost and comparative advantage, topics we are about to discuss here.

Hopefully, the discussions will allow students to arrive at a more comprehensive understanding of the concepts. But even when students have the knowledge to complete homework, they might face other issues – one might be sick, or not have enough time at hand, or might not be willing to do the homework for some personal reason.

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What is Comparative Advantage?

Comparative Advantage is a law in economics that refers to a producer’s ability to produce a commodity at a lower opportunity cost compared to other producers in the market. This lower opportunity cost is the Comparative Advantage, and this was a theory propounded by British economist David Ricardo.

Schools are particularly taken with the Ricardian Model and theories. Apart from the comparative advantage theory, he also worked on wage and labor theories, theories of profit and rent. Assignments on Ricardian theories can be complex, but students don’t really have much to worry about. If things get hard, comparative advantage assignment solutions are only a few clicks away.

Opportunity Cost

The definition of Comparative Advantage often raises questions about the term ‘opportunity cost’. Now we know every asset (land, capital, labor) can be put to multiple uses. When we put an asset to a particular use, we are making a choice. We are giving up on the profit we could have earned by putting the asset in the alternative uses. Opportunity cost is the cost one has to pay for not choosing the next best alternative use for an asset.

The distinction between comparative advantage and absolute advantage

Comparative Advantage is not to be confused with Absolute Advantage. When a producer (or a country) can produce a commodity at a lower price, better quality and faster pace compared to other countries, it has an absolute advantage. When the opportunity cost suffered by a country during the production of a commodity is less than that suffered by other countries, it has a comparative advantage.

It is possible to carry out elaborate assignments on comparative advantage and related topics with examples and charts for representation. The whole ordeal can turn out to be overwhelming for a high school student. Our comparative advantage homework solutions readily help students in such situations.

How can a student use comparative advantage assignment solutions?

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