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Community ecology is an interesting topic of Biology which focuses on the interactions of the different speciesin communities. It is based on various factors such as structure, abundance, distribution, and many more other things.

What is community structure? Each and every ecological community has certain common characteristics which distinguishes it from the other. Community structure is the number and type of species in a community. In simple words, it is a community’s composition. community structure assignment help definitely help you to know more about it.

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Which Factors Determine The Community Structure?

  • The location of the community
  • Interactions between the species
  • The type of climate in the location
  • Frequent disturbances such as landslides, storm, etc.

How to measure the Community Structure?

2 factors are responsible for the community structure. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Diversity:

The diversity of the species determines the complexity of the community. A lot of species and their abundances mean great species diversity. For instance, 35 types of different animals in a forest community denote greater diversity than a forest community with 20 kinds of animals.

  1. Richness:

Species richness is also a key factor which measures the number of species in a community.A great number of species means high richness in a community. For example, a community with 500 species is likely to havegreater richness than a community with 100 species.

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