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The common property resources are the goods which consist of an artificial or natural resource which can provide you benefits. It is also known as the CPR or common-pool resource. These resources don’t belong to either the public or the private properties. Both can use it and hence, is a common asset. A natural resource such as fishing ground or an irrigation system which is human-made, are examples of these resources.

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Arranging a stable Common Property Resource

It is also possible that the users independently take advantages of the total benefit of the common-pool resource. There are several protocols which help to manage the resources from getting divided as private properties. The common property resources assignment help explains the principles more elaborately.

The rules for maintaining a stable asset are as follows:

  • Distinctively set the boundaries for using the resources.
  • Define rules appropriately that satisfy the local conditions so that the agreement is acceptable to everyone.
  • The government should maintain minimal rights.
  • Allow the local participatory while making decisions.
  • The local common property resources act as a base for the larger ones.
  • Allow the participators to monitor the accounts properly.
  • Impose penalty or punishment for the ones who don’t obey the rules.

Its Types

The common property resources homework help states that the CPRs are mainly of two kinds. They are:

  1. Global Commons

 It refers to the resources that are accessible to everyone in the world. These assets are mobile and are known as open access resources. Natural resources are best examples to explain these types of resources as anyone can use it, and you can’t restrict it to some. 

  1. Local Commons

 Here, the government localizes the assets to a particular group of people in the community.  Hence, anyone who isn’t a part of the group can’t access them. It is sometimes known as the common resource property due to the usual practices of the society. Therefore, at times the CPR is also known as the local commons.

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