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There are certain physical phenomena that govern the occurrence and functioning of other associated physical processes. Two such significant physical phenomena that have immense implication in thermodynamic systems and also biophysics are combustion and refrigeration. Based on their principles numerous studies have been devised and are taught in schools and colleges across the globe.

Topics like combustion and refrigeration need the scholars to bear pronounced command over mathematical theorems and other algorithmic solutions. Being extensively functional physical processes; these find application in almost all electrical or biological systems that are present around us.

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What is meant by Combustion?

According to our basic knowledge, we know that combustion is the process by which oxidation of substances takes place. As oxidation obviously occurs in presence of oxygen in some form or the other, it is a necessary requirement for combustion. Laws of combustion and refrigeration can be explained mathematically through derivations. These are some of the scoring areas and students must not exclude them while preparing for assessments.

A combustion reaction can be described as a class of chemical reaction which is associated with reactions of hydrocarbons and oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water. These reactions are mostly irreversible in nature i.e., the reactants cannot be retrieved after the completion of the reaction.

What is meant by Refrigeration?

Refrigeration can be defined as the process of retrieving heat from one substance and transferring into another. Here substances that are generally needed to be kept below normal room temperature are subjected to systems or conditions that withdraw heat from them thereby keeping them cool.

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