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What is a colligative property?

  • These are those particular properties of the solution which essentially depends upon the amount of dissolved particles in that solution
  • It does not depend on the identities of the solutes
  • The freezing point of pure water is higher than that of salt water as salt is dissolved inside the water
  • The freezing point will remain the same always. It does not depend upon the quantity of salt like potassium nitrate or sodium chloride is dissolved in the water or not
  • The four main types of colligative properties are:
  1. Boiling point elevation
  2. Freezing point depression
  3. Vapor pressure lowering
  4. Osmotic pressure
  • All these properties can be used to get the accurate information for determining the presence of solute particles in the solution
  • These can be further used to obtain the solute’s molecular weight

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What is osmotic pressure?

  • It is a process by which a solvent can pass through a semipermeable membrane
  • It passes from one solution to another easily
  • Some solvent materials may pass away through this semipermeable membrane
  • Some examples of this membrane are cell walls in both plants and animals
  • Osmosis can take the solvent molecules to travel from low solute concentrations of semipermeable membrane to concentrations with high solute
  • This osmosis process ends with the solute concentrations when gets equal with the both sides of the membrane
  • This osmotic pressure is applied to stop osmosis by applying it on high concentration

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