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In accountancy the classification undoubtedly includes credit transactions. By credit transactions we mean credit sales of goods, purchases returns of goods and so on, for which we formulate subsidiary books discretely. Purchases books, sales book, purchases return book, sales return book are few instances of subsidiary books.

This eventually leads to the path of cash and non-cash transactions. In colleges students often find themselves at a clutter, solving their coursework. Considering the same comes up with exceptional Classification of Non cash transactions Homework Help, to revitalize the mark sheet of the students.

Now, when we talk of non-cash items it is often mistaken that does it make any difference? It indeed does. Financial assets, liabilities, investing assets, depreciation and amortization come under this category. A close analysis of the accounts of a firm shall show up the difference that non-cash items produce in income statement and cash flow statement. To identify these categories itself is a difficult issue. But with Classification of Non cash transactions Homework Help of our firm your efforts are lessened manifold.

Characteristics of Non-cash items

With Classification of Non cash transactions Assignment Help, the students can assure that they bring in a firm grip on the subject matter. Our expert team of hand-picked professionals are always at your service. In the following we shall categorise look at few of the properties of items that makes them non cash:

1. Fixed assets, also known non-current assets are non-cash. It encompasses the property, plant and equipment of a firm, abbreviated as PP&E.
2. They are not liquid.
3. They are quite often large, immobile and have longer life.
4. They are not easily changeable into other assets.
5. They have depreciation allowance and also have tax relaxation.

Let us look at the larger picture

On a deeper thought, we find that depreciation points at the following vital factors:

1)    Fair value depreciation– it is referred to as the decrease in the value of tangible assets. It has an impact on the value of business and entities.

2)    Depreciation with matching principle– allocation of cost of tangible assets to the interval of time it is being used. It shall affect the net income.

Over and over again there are minute details concerned with the compilation of non-cash transactions. The students habitually miss them out as well while preparing the coursework. At we make special note of it. Availing of Classification of Non cash transactions Assignment Help shall prove the same to you. is at your beck and call

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