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When you are studying Physics, you will come across various terms. Circular motion is one such term which means movement of any object like:

  • Rotation within a circular path
  • Movement along a circle’s circumference

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Learn the features of circular motion:

  • The moving path can be uniform
  • It can have a constant speed along with a consistent angular rate of rotation
  • When the rotation occurs within a fixed axis in a three dimensional body, it also includes the circular motion of all its parts
  • All the equations of motion tends to describe the way the center of mass of any body’s movement

Learn few examples of circular motion:

  • The way an artificial satellite rotates in a fixed orbit around the earth
  • When a small stone or a pebble is tied with a rope and then it can swing in circular motion
  • A car while taking a curve turn in a race track
  • When an electron moves perpendicularly in a magnetic field

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Let us discuss about Newton’s Laws of motion:

Without the centripetal force, these objects will move in a straight line and obeys the Newton’s law of motion.

  • As the velocity vector of an object is continuously changing their direction, the moving object is there by gaining acceleration by centripetal force
  • This centripetal force indicates the direction where the center of rotation is working or not.
  • According to Newton’s Laws, the object would tend to move in a straight line in the absence of acceleration.

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What is uniform circular motion?

When an object travels with constant speed in a circular path is called uniform circular motion. As the object denotes circular motion so its total distance from the rotational axis remains constant. The speed of the body will remain constant but the velocity will not be changed. As velocity is a vector quantity, so it will depend upon the travelled direction and on the speed of the body. With circular motion assignment help, you can overcome any kind of hurdle that will come to your way.

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