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Some observations of this theory:
So now, as we are speaking about the theory of inheritancelet us see what some observations of this theory are. This theory was consistent to the laws that Mendel developed. These observations have been simplified by our Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance Assignment Help team so as to make the concepts as simple and easy to understand for the students as possible.

  • While in the process in meiosis, pairs of homologous chromosomes tend to migrate like structures that are not connected but are independent from rest chromosome pairs.
  • The process in which the chromosomes are sorted by individual homologous pairs to pre gametes is totally random
  • The gametes that are synthesized by each parent contains only half the chromosomal complement
  • The male and female gametes are different in respect to their sizes. However, number of chromosomes happen to be same which is suggestive of this fact that genetic contributions from each parent is equal
  • The chromosomes which combine when process of fertilization takes place; they produce their offspring which contains the same number of chromosomes as in the parents.

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